Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

What age is it designed for?

What is amazing about the SoccerU series is that we understand that soccer players are not limited in skill by their age.


Coach V is adamant about this.

If you have a 17 year old soccer player that has never been given a lesson on proper slide tackling, where do you begin your training with them? The SAME place you would if you had a 12 year old player. Age means nothing if the player has never been taught the skill or taught the skill properly. You will watch 10 year olds and college level players all learning and refining the same skills. They learn differently, comprehend differently and master them differently, but the skill is the skill and must be taught the same way.

The same applies in so many other things we do and in other sports. If you want to start playing golf and your 30 years old, where do you start? If you are 40 years old and want to start learning martial arts, where do you start? You start at the same point a 12 year old would, learning the basic skills that you have never learned.

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