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The goalkeeper

. They also call him doorman, keeper, goalie, bouncer or netminder, but he could just as well be called martyr, pay-all, penitent or punching bag. They say where he walks, the grass never grows.
Eduardo Galeano, Soccer in Sun and Shadow

The soccer goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field - they are the last line of defense and the first line of attack. To play the position well requires special skills and training.

To many coaches, though, soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics are a mystery. This is especially true at younger age levels, where often coaches have not played much soccer at all, much less played keeper. Even experienced field players and coaches may not have much experience with goalkeeping.

This site is designed to help soccer coaches coach their goalkeepers. It outlines and demonstrates basic soccer goalkeeping techniques and tactics, and also touches on the psychology of goalkeeping and provides a primer on goalkeeping equipment.

Techniques and tactics will be outlined, along with pictures to clearly show the subject. For some techniques, a movie is worth a thousand pictures, so look for the movie icon (Movie) to indicate a video clip. You will need Quicktime to view some of these. There will also be coaching tips to help get the ideas across to players (look for the Coaching Point symbol), and pointers to common mistakes to watch for (look for Mistake). These coaching points and mistakes will also be summarized at the bottom of each section.

I hope this site will help soccer coaches be more effective in working with their goalkeepers and understanding the ins and outs of the position.

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